How Taking the Right Steps after a Storm Can Save Your Roof

After a storm hits, it's crucial to evaluate any and all signs of damage before they become a larger issue. Roof damage that is left untreated can cause detrimental structural damage to your home. Let's go over the proper steps to take as a homeowner in the Northern Seattle region of Washington.

Steps to Ensure Proper Roof Care After a Storm

Whether you're a seasoned Northern Seattle homeowner or new to the club, the steps you should take after a storm hit are identical. Many homeowners who live in a storm-prone area may opt to do some things themselves to save money on their repairs. Hiring a professional is the best way to ensure that all roof repairs are completed thoroughly and meticulously. Follow these steps to save your roof:

  • Take a Look: Once the storm has cleared and you're capable of climbing a ladder, take an assessment of your roof's condition to report to a professional. This will give them a heads-up as to what they're dealing with before they come onsite.
  • Document Damage: Taking a large amount of photos after storm damage can be extremely helpful during the insurance processing stage. This will help you document the initial damage even if a roofer takes their own photos.
  • Call a Professional: If you're unable to assess the damage yourself, don't worry about it, and call a roofing company right away. They'll want to schedule a roof inspection as soon as possible to get started.
  • Temporary Repairs: Some temporary repairs may be necessary before your roofers arrive. This may include some temporary tarping if possible or placing buckets in the attic to collect rainwater. Adapt as needed to reduce additional damage.
  • File Insurance Claim: With the assistance of your roofing company, make sure to file an insurance claim to get coverage for your repairs. This may look different for many homeowners so make sure to follow the correct steps as outlined by your insurance company and roofer.
  • Conduct Repairs: Find a time to have your roofing contractor conduct repairs to fix your existing roofing system. This may or may not include a complete roof replacement if the damage is too severe. After repairs, ensure proper maintenance and cleanings are scheduled.

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Although the steps may be different depending on your style, they are a great outline for all homeowners in the situation of roof damage. One of the most important things you can do is call our professionals at Cascade Roofing right away.

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